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We offer exceptional PPC services in Mumbai with certified experts trained to design targeted campaigns and optimize them to reduce costs and optimize conversions.

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The fact that target audiences of all age groups spend significant time online has made paid digital marketing more effective than conventional marketing channels. We all know that our customer is out there on the internet. The challenge is to reach the prospect and convert him into an actionable lead in the least possible cost.

Our PPC company in Mumbai have a team of experts who make sure that you can reach your target audience with the right message at the right time to bring them on your website and convert them into a lead. However, the biggest challenge is to get the best quality and maximum quantity of leads within a stipulated PPC budget. We do that by making the PPC unit economic plan for your business that define the target costs for impressions, clicks and conversions. We then allocate the budget among following digital channels for optimum results.

Google Search is the undisputed leader in ppc advertising

Your customers are searching for you on Google Search with multiple combinations of keywords. To maximise our reach to the relevant target audience we must make sure that we rank on the first page of Google search results for all the keywords. Search Engine Optimization only helps us to rank higher for selected keywords and that too over a long term. Google search ppc is the only way we can rank on the first page of Google search for all relevant keywords.

As part of our PPC services in Mumbai, we optimize your campaigns in such a way that your ad ranks at the highest possible slot at the least cost per click. Our Google Adwords certified PPC service experts improve your quality score by constantly analysing and improving the click through rates, Ad text to keyword relevance and the improve landing page experience.

The Google Display Network gets us reach and volume

There are thousands of websites on the internet which have leased out advertisement spaces to Google. All these websites attract different types of traffic in terms of location, demographics, gender, age group etc. Our ppc services company experts analyse your exact target audience and place image / video based ads on websites that are frequented by relevant audience.

Our ppc service experts also leverage different targeting options for the Google display network like placement targeting, audience targeting, DSK targeting, GSP targeting and many more flavours of the display network.

Remarketing increases ROI

Out of every 100 people who visit your website more than 90 leave without getting engaged. Well this is not a great number especially when we are paying for getting every click. Remarketing is the solution that allows us to make the most of those who have left our website without engaging.

Our ppc remarketing service experts follow the bounced prospects with custom ads to get them back on the website to push for conversion. This helps in boosting the return on investment in ppc marketing.

Facebook has better demographic data

Well there are a few things that you can do with Facebook that you cannot do with Google. Since Facebook has good demographic data we can target audiences on the basis of Gender, Interests, social circles, language etc. They also have engaging ad formats that push for engagement.

Our Facebook ppc targeting service experts make sure that unique ads and content is advertised to highly relevant audiences on Facebook that can not only generate direct conversions but also drive engagement through comments, likes and shares.

Youtube is interesting

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine. An engaging video can make its way to millions in a matter of minutes on youtube.

Our Youtube ppc services company experts plan true view in stream and overlay ads on Youtube to give you maximum reach in minimum possible time at competitive costs per clicks and cost per view campaigns.

LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo join the ppc party

LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo help us further increase coverage and reach. B2B filters for CXO targeting on LinkedIn help us to reach people with specific designations.

Our ppc service experts run ads on Bing, Yahoo and Linked In and they follow the bounced visitors using a cross platform remarketing ppc campaign on the Google Display Network.


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FAQ about PPC services

Why do I need a ppc specialist?

It is true that you do not need a specialist for creating an adwords account. But you definitely need our ppc service specialists to optimize your account quality score, manage your bids and optimize campaigns to achieve high click through rates & conversion rates.

I don’t care about impressions or clicks. I need business conversions like bookings. How do you ensure that?

Yes. All that matters is a business conversation. Our ppc service experts track the life cycle of every lead generated through the campaigns using our proprietary lead management system. They run a reverse look up to figure out which ppc keywords or ppc placements are generating business conversions and optimize the account accordingly.

How much of a difference can Ad creatives make?

Well a lot of difference! It has been observed that ppc Ad creatives have a huge impact on click through rates(CTRs) of your ads. Our ppc team design ads that stand out using vibrant colors, animation, concise text and a clear call to action.

I have already invested in SEO. Should I wait for SEO results or should I invest in PPC?

Now that you have already invested in SEO you have built a solid platform for your websites to generate leads over a long term. However if you are looking for generating a high volume of leads by outranking your competition for a large number of keywords then ppc marketing is your best bet. Our PPC experts work in tandem with the set team to maximise your returns on investment.

I am already doing Social Media Marketing. Should I invest in Facebook Ads?

Social Media Marketing will make sure that your followers are engaged. Advertising will help you acquire more followers. So both are important !

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